Tattoos have since been a form of art and self-expression even from the earliest centuries. It also represents a person’s characteristic and how he perceives himself/herself to be. In the past, only the warriors of a tribe had tattoos. This was to show what they have been through.

The tattoos of today represent or are in a way, a representation of the tattoo designs of the past. There are tribal tattoo designs, Celtic tattoos, and Goth tattoos. But out of these three tattoo designs, type or class of tattoos; people look to the Celtic tattoo designs for symbolism from artwork. These Celtic designs are difficult to decipher on what they really mean.

The most basic and fundamental key elements of Celtic design tattoos include spirals, knots and crosses, and even hearts. Most commonly, a heart is made with spirals, knots and crosses. A Celtic heart tattoo is requested and even chosen by people who feel a strong emotion which is love. Thus, the heart tattoos symbolize love, charity, and compassion.

The fresh and modern Celtic heart tattoo is understood as a symbol of love and faith as a person journeys in his life. If there are spirals on the design, a spiral open on the right side, it means it moves in the clockwise direction and is thought of as a sign of good luck. Once the spiral is open to the left, in a counter clockwise direction, it means you are in harmony with the Earth. Another thing to be noted is the number of spirals in heart tattoos. Three spirals signify the Holy Trinity and four represent the four directions: north, south, east and west.

One of the most common Celtic heart tattoo designs is the Claddagh. It is represented by a heart that is gently clasped or held between two hands or with a crown on top. This design is a symbol of loyalty and love and is popularly seen and found in jewelry designs, especially in rings and sometimes in pendants. There are several types of Claddagh designs that have both subtle and not so subtle variations.

If there is a knotwork on the tattoo design, it is thought of as a symbol of never ending love. Thus, it also shows the strong emotion of love.

There are people who choose these designs because they show the meaning of love and romance. In the past, lovers get Celtic hearts as tattoos to show their devotion and love for each other. Women often choose small Celtic hearts with spiral design tattoos or just a plain heart. For men however, they choose a bolder, more colorful and vibrant approach. They mix hearts and crosses, as well as spirals with knotworks. The possibilities with these designs are endless. With the combination of the basic elements of Celtic design, your heart tattoo will become more meaningful.

These tattoos can either be in the typical black and white color scheme which suit these designs best or for a bolder approach, colors could be added.

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